What is an
Personal Loan?

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Personal Loans are no-collateral loans from $500 to $35,000.

Personal Loans are backed by future income, which may be a future paycheck, dividend or any other type of regular income. The term of a Personal Loan is often longer than a Payday or Installment Loan. In the case of a Personal Loan, you can make purchases without saving funds first. It’s called a Personal Loan because you are borrowing a sum of money from a financial institution for personal use. Personal Loans can last for several months and payments are spread out over the term of the loan.

If you find yourself using them as a way of paying for regular bills, you should consider credit counseling, debt-management aid or some other type of assistance. Please use Installment Loans responsibly

Using Personal Loans

Personal Loans are often used as way of consolidating debt, paying off high interest credit cards or even making a big purchase that you have been holding off on.


Small amounts, usually under $35,000
Paid back with scheduled payments
For unexpected expenses

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